Guhring Offers a Thread of Success at MACH

When it comes to holemaking and threading, Guhring is undoubtedly an industry leader with a product range that stretches beyond convention. At MACH 2020, the Birmingham manufacturer will reside at Stand 400 in Hall 17, on a 100sq/m stand that will introduce the very latest milling, threading, holemaking and special cutting tools alongside established product lines.

The Guhring portfolio of holemaking products has long been an industry benchmark in terms of the quality and diversity of options for end users. However, MACH 2020 will not only be used to promote new drilling lines, but also the astounding range of complementary technologies such as the threading and countersinking lines. Making a debut appearance at MACH will be the new MTMH3-Z ‘Drifter’ series of helical drilling thread mill products. Capable of thread milling in material up to 66HRc, the new Drifter series combines core drilling and threading in a single operation.

The exciting new MTMH3-Z Drifter delivers excellent machining results and process reliability when wet or dry cutting all material types up to 66HRc. With two oil grooves on the shaft to provide optimum cooling and a left cutting geometry that stabilises performance during climb milling, the fine grain high-performance carbide MTMH3-Z gives stability and performance that are unrivalled. With a shank diameter from 3 to 12mm and a neck relief from 5 to 40mm, the new thread milling series is suitable for creating threads from M2 to M16 on a material range that includes all steels and stainless, duplex, cast and graphite iron, aluminium and Ti alloys. To simplify the process for end users, Guhring has also developed its CNC Guhro Thread Mill software that is free to download for Guhring customers.

For manufacturers more inclined to use traditional threading methods, Guhring will be showing the PIONEX Series of taps at MACH. Following on from an extremely successful MACH debut in 2017, the return of the PIONEX is testament to the success the line has generated in the marketplace. The high-performance tapping line incorporates a polygon shape that generates 30% less torque that coincides with a geometric change of the taps. The PIONEX thread-formers are based on a newly developed powder-metallurgical cutting tool material that demonstrates a higher wear resistance than previously reached. The new Pionex Series includes 45degree helix geometry with a reduced rake angle, back tapering and improved relief; all this culminates to provide unprecedented performance and swarf removal. The new Pionex is available with metric threads in course or fine pitch as well as UNC, UNF, BSP in all diameter and pitch variants with a complete line of special thread designations also available upon request.

Matching the performance of the Guhring drilling and threading lines, the new SpyroTec Series of Twisted HSS and HSCO countersink tools will also be presented at MACH. As a ‘world-first’, the SpyroTec countersinking series incorporates a unique spiral fluted geometry with convex cutting edges. The benefit of this exciting new geometry design from Guhring is that the 90-degree countersinks can comfortably cut virtually all material types with improved concentricity, precision and performance.

The axial and radial forces that occur during countersinking operations are both reduced by more than 60% due to the newly developed geometry of the SpyroTec cutting edges. The convex radii of the cutting edges combine with the variable helical pitch to provide stable, low-vibration, low-noise and high-performance chatter-free countersinking. The specially designed TiAIN coating ensures higher wear resistance and a high-temperature hardness that guarantees longer tool life for nearly all materials and applications. The standard SpyroTec programme is available with 14 dimensions that range from 6.3mm to 31mm diameter with a 90-degree countersink that conforms to DIN 335 form C. The SpyroTec is available with a number of shank lengths to suit the requirements of the end user and for the purposes of convenience, boxsets with a range of diameters are also available. For further details on any of the new threading, countersinking or holemaking products that are available from Guhring, please visit Stand 400 in Hall 17 at MACH 2020 from the 20th to 24th April.