Hardness Testing Doesn’t have to be Hard

Hardness testing has long been one of the most widely used testing procedures conducted on a huge variety of applications ranging from university laboratories for research purposes on new materials to large manufacturers of automotive and aerospace components where standardised material properties are key to the success or failure of a particular component or sub assembly. Coatings and case hardness treatments also need to be able to prove they are as hard as specified, and that the depth of the hardened structural layers match the intended application.

Since the applications for hardness testing are so broad, the variety of machines available also pose what can be a confusing and complex choice of features and software options. Having supplied sample preparation equipment and consumables for over 30 years, Kemet have often found the cost of a hardness tester to be much more than a complete suite of Kemet machines necessary to prepare a sample for hardness testing.

For the majority of applications, the choice of hardness tester does not need to be complicated. The testing is performed according to ISO and ASTM standards which dictate how a unit must calculate sample hardness and how they must be calibrated.

Kemet are delighted to announce the launch of the Duroline series of hardness tester. A range of benchtop hardness testers for Vickers and Knoop measurement with integrated 22” full HD multi touch monitor. The N-sure software package is incredibly easy to use and like most machines on the market has the ability for automatic multi measurement when coupled with the automated x/y stage option. The software can automatically generate test reports and has built in CHD, EHT and NHT measurement with automatic contrast and focus for the most accurate results.

With a small variety of models, test loads from HV0.01 – HV30 can be accommodated.

Aimed primarily at the material testing laboratory and the smaller component production QA, in particular small precision parts, thin material or wire coatings, the Duroline range has everything you might need at a competitive price.

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