HASCO add new feature portal with intelligent product navigation

At, mould makers all over the world are able to use one of the most modern and powerful portals in the industry. All the products, innovations and services are available 24/7 in the HASCO portal. The website is a practically oriented portal incorporating a large number of helpful features.



HASCO has now added a new feature to its company web portal: the optimised display of product interrelationships in the shop. Easy-to-understand icons on the pages with the product details show at a glance which HASCO products go together. In this way, mould makers and designers can obtain key information in a rapid and simple manner and make optimum use of the potential of the HASCO portfolio.

More specifically, this means that identical, similar, dependent, associated, alternative or substitute products are listed on the pages with the product details and marked with a corresponding icon. The links between the more than 100,000 products and product variants in the HASCO Shop are presented in a clear and comprehensive manner. Since the relevant products can be found quickly, this opens up new options and creates major added value in the purchasing and design process. With this new feature, HASCO is living up to its claim of Enabling with System.

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