HASCO hot runner

HASCO has been a pioneer in the invention and further development of standard mould components for 95 years, ensuring the fastest possible way to make moulds. With 45 years’ experience and a large number of patents, HASCO also plays a pioneering role in hot runner technology.

The highly different requirements placed on hot runner products and standard components call for a differentiated approach to customer care, product management and order processing.

A few years ago, HASCO took this as an opportunity to set up the Hot Runner division, which currently consists of its own team of 70 competent employees. Experienced plastics engineers, mould designers and mouldmaking specialists develop customised hot runner solutions for individual injection moulding applications and support customers from the product idea right through to the production of the injection moulded part. 

To highlight this competence even more clearly, the Hot Runner division is now presenting its products under the brand name HASCO hot runner in conjunction with its own design and a high recognition value.

HASCO hot runner stands for 100% hot runner competence, made-to-measure product solutions and the best possible advice. With its claim Built to Run, HASCO hot runner promises maximum reliability, unique service and delivery speeds, and certified quality.

“Following the continual development phase, we now wish to send a strong signal to the outside world and also highlight our performance in the hot runner business in our brand”, says Florian Larisch, Executive Vice President, HASCO hot runner.

This becomes very clear in the HASCO portal The restructured hot runner section has been newly configured in line with the monolithic brand and has been supplemented by a large amount of information. One feature is the new, intuitive enquiry form which can be used to submit enquiries for hot runner systems in a rapid and straightforward manner.

Through its organisational and product-specific focus, HASCO, as a full-service supplier of standard components, custom processing and hot runner technology, offers top quality andinternational service, all from a single source.