HSS milling gets a complete overhaul by WNT

WNT has undertaken a complete review of its High Speed Steel (HSS) range of milling cutters with updates across the board and a selection of new products to enhance the already extensive range.

One of the key upgrades is the use of the latest Ti 100PRO tool coating across the entire WNT Mastertool selection of HSS end mills. This new coating is an evolution of the previous Ti 100XL coating and allows users of tools across the Mastertool series to benefit from reduced manufacturing costs and improved performance. In addition to the new coating WNT has also developed four new end mil ranges to complement the existing tools in its catalogue. These are the Type N HSS-E Co 5 series, the Powdersteel Type N cutters, Powdersteel Type HR fine roughing cutters and the Powdersteel Type H cutters.

16-484-WNT-HSS Range-in Cut (MR)

The Type N HSS-E Co 5 series feature an increasing tapered core and irregular pitch flutes.  The core design assists in improving tool rigidity and counteracts and reduces radial displacement under cutting conditions. While the irregular flute pitch assists with vibration reduction and improved surface finish on the component. The HSS-E Co 5 cutters are ideal for applications milling a wide range of materials including steel, cast iron, non-ferous and heat resistant alloys, with sizes ranging from 6 mm through to 28 mm diameter in both roughing and finishing variants.

The key feature of the Powdersteel Type N cutters is the wave profile along the length of the cutting edge. The effect of this wavy profile is similar to irregular flute pitch in that it assists in reducing vibration and improves surface quality.  Available between 1 mm and 28 mm diameter these Type N cutters are best suited to machining steel, stainless steel and cast iron materials. Developed for fine roughing applications the Powedersteel Type HR cutters feature serrated cutting edges to create snaller chip sizes and also benefit from the increased core taper for improved rigidity.  As with all of the end mills in the WNT range they are also capable of multiple milling strategies, including shoulder, plunging, ramping and trochoidal milling.

The final new introduction are the powdersteel Type H cutters. These cutters make use of a new specially developed powdersteel material that eliminates carbon from the mix, but maximises the performance through use of cobalt, molybdenum and iron, creating a material that combines the best properties of HSS and carbide. The improved thermal stability created by this new material means that WNT’s Type H cutters can run at up to 50 per cent higher cutting data compared to conventional HSS cutters.


“As a company WNT remains focussed on developing new products that enhance the productivity of our customers, whether that is the latest in carbide tooling or high speed steel. The combination of these latest cutting tools and the availability of the expertise from our team of technical sales engineers will allow customers to maximise their productivity in the most cost-effective way,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK)..

The entire WNT range can be found in its comprehensive, 2000 page catalogue, the latest edition of which is launched on 1st June 2016. To receive a free copy, and to start to benefit from WNT’s comprehensive range, call freephone 0800 073 2 073. The full range is also available online from the WNT online shop at