In-House facilities keep WDS at the cutting edge of workholding technology

High quality engineering starts from the ground up meaning that no matter what your industrial sector, if you want to be known for manufacturing the best products in your field, you need to use the best manufacturing techniques. In many instances workholding or fixturing components are the very foundation of the manufacturing process, improving the accuracy of machining and speed with which each component can be machined. It’s only with good foundations that a solid reputation can be built.


WDS is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of workholding and fixturing solutions. Not only does it offer thousands of fasteners, handles and accessories as part of its standard parts catalogue, it also boasts in-house manufacturing capabilities to build bespoke jigs, angle plates, cube fixtures etc. WDS engineers are able to work with OEMs and designers to develop bespoke solutions which can provide positional accuracy of up to 5µm to the metre.

Phil Holyome, Business Development and Special Projects Engineer for WDS, explains: “When you’re manufacturing components for the latest fast jet or a Formula 1 car, you need to make sure that every single part is identical to the next. This can only be done if the workholding solution has been designed and manufactured correctly. We specialise in creating solutions which meet our customers’ needs, whether that’s total positional accuracy, fast turnaround, multi-axis machining – or all three.”

As part of WDS’s Bespoke Specials programme, it works with end users to design and manufacture components to specific requirements; whether this means customising standard products or designing solutions from the ground up. Manufacturing is carried out at the WDS workshop in Leeds which conforms to ISO90001 standards. Thanks to calibrated testing equipment, components can even be supplied with certificates of conformity, guaranteeing that they precisely meet the signed off technical drawings.


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