Inspiring potential engineers

Physical Digital has always encouraged young potential 3D scanning engineers to consider a career in the challenging and fast-developing field of metrology. This week we have welcomed a year 10 student from a local school for a work experience placement to learn about our highly-accurate 3D scanning services.

Our student was keen to find out more about the applications of 3D scanning and reverse engineering in order to help him make choices about future careers within engineering.

3D Scanning Process

In order to gain an understanding of the 3D scanning process, our student brought with him a wooden mouse to scan and create a CAD model which will in time be 3D printed as a keepsake of his week with Physical Digital. We invited our student to explain in his own words what he did on this project:

“On my first day, I brought in a small wooden mouse with leather ears and tail.  With some help, I was able to first use photogrammetry to photograph it so that the computer could work out how each of the scans would fit together in the correct place with the correct measurements.

I then used the 3D scanning machine to make a triangular mesh which was incredibly detailed.  This took me most of the morning but I had created a highly detailed scan of my mouse.  I then spent the rest of the day learning how to edit the mesh so that it is ‘waterproof’ and it could be 3D printed.”

Work Experience mouse

At Physical Digital, our applications engineers use the industry-leading GOM ATOS TRITOP non-contact 3D scanning systems to provide the highest-accuracy data for our clients. Our in-house design team also offers a complementary service of reverse engineering, which is the process of providing 2D engineering drawings or 3D CAD models from the data we have captured. Within the week, our student was able to sample the two different technologies and gain an overview of some of the many applications which benefit from the highest-quality data.


As a team, we are all enthusiastic about the wide variety of projects which we complete for clients across a broad range of industry sectors, including automotive, marine, power generation, art, marine and medical. It was a pleasure to host an enthusiastic student who was keen to learn all we shared of the cutting-edge technology.


If you would like to gain a free quote for a project which would benefit from high-accuracy 3D scanning or reverse engineering, or to find out more about work experience opportunities within our award-winning company, please contact us.

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