Introducing Uddeholm Idun, the game changer

Another ”divine power”* is added to our product family developed especially for tool holders for indexable inserts when we introduce Uddeholm Idun during the spring of 2016. Just like the goddess of the eternal youth from the norse mythology, Idun, it will keep its youthful shine as a result from being corrosion resistant.

During the past few years the market has started to ask for a stainless holder grade, something that was not yet available. By launching Uddeholm Idun, Uddeholms AB has listened to the market demands and offers a material that is not only stainless, but also pre-hardened.

With Uddeholm Idun, Uddeholms AB revolutionizes the tool holder market by offering a safe and reliable fast forward button to finished tool holders for indexable inserts. Uddeholm Idun is a pre-hardened and stainless holder grade which makes the production a one-stop –shop where heat treatment and coatings will no longer be necessary.

Time to market is of essence for today’s tool producers. In recent years there has therefore been a trend in machining more and more tools in hard condition to both meet the market demand on shorter delivery times, but also save both time and money on less heat treatment. The next natural step in order to be able to further decrease the production time is to get rid of costly and time demanding coatings. Until now this has not been possible. Uddeholm Idun changes this by being the first patented corrosion resistant tool holder grade on the market.

The first corrosion resistant tool holder grade on the market
Corrosion resistance is requested both for its aesthetics as well as to protect the tool holder from corrosion attacks. Most of the tool holders are therefore nickel coated. Uddeholm Idun outruns standard P20 type materials, which are used in the vast majority of tool holders, in most aspects and also has a “built-in” coating being corrosion resistant.

Uddeholm Tool Holder Concept was developed specifically for the extreme working conditions of drilling, milling and turning applications. In close collaboration with leading tool holder manufacturers we bring a new generation unique, specialized steel grades to life. Previous grades in the concept are Uddeholm Balder: a pre-hardened steel for indexable insert cutting tools subjected to high temperatures and with high demands on machinability and Uddeholm Bure: delivered in soft condition for applications with severe demands on mechanical properties and machinability. Uddeholm Idun completes the innovative tool holder program, and now Uddeholms AB has a suiting steel grade regardless of what type or quality of tool holder that is required, says Ulrika Mossfeldt, Product Manager Component Business at Uddeholms AB.

There is no doubt that Uddeholm Idun is a real game changer. Previously the tool producers in most cases had to harden their tools after machining, or at least coat them. Now the production time is decreased, money can be saved and the productivity increased.

5 quick facts about Uddeholm Idun
First corrosion resistant tool holder steel on the market.
Application patented
Pre-hardened (42-46 HRC) and corrosion resistant, speeds up the production process for the producers
Saves time and money, no nickel coating necessary, good also for health and environmental reasons
Available in round bars, where the majority goes to the range 25-65mm

Do you want to know more about Uddeholm Idun or Uddeholm Tool Holder Concept? Do not hesitate to contact Ulrika Mossfeldt (, Product Manager Component Business
*Uddeholm BURE
BURE was the first god in Norse mythology. He is the father of Borr a grandfather of Odin, Vili and Ve. He was formed by the cow Audhubmla licking the salty ice of Ginnungagap.
BURE means “Beautiful to behold”

Uddeholm BALDER
BALDER is also a god in Norse mythology, and a son of the god Odin and the goddess Frigg (Vanadis). One of his brothers is Thor. Balder means “The Glorious One”.

Uddeholm Idun
Idun (“She Who Renews“) is the Norse Goddess of eternal youth Who grows the magic apples of immortality that keep the Gods young.

Written by: Ulrika Mossfeldt