Mazak To Offer Active Edge Tooling With VCN-530C Machining Centre

Mazak has partnered with Rigibore to incorporate the ActiveEdge boring bar system into its VCN-530C machining centre.

The ActiveEdge technology is an auto-compensating boring bar system that allows extremely high bore tolerances to be held on a machine automatically. The boring bars, which are manufactured in the UK at Rigibore’s headquarters in Cornwall, are being made available as an option on Mazak’s high productivity VCN-530C machining centre.

ActiveEdge tooling has a separate drive mechanism integrated into the rotating tool which can be adjusted to within individual microns of accuracy on a wireless closed feedback system. The tools enable multiple critical diameters to be machined simultaneously, significantly reducing cycle times and increasing process efficiency. Typically, ActiveEdge users are working within a tolerance of circa 0.002 microns on bore diameters.

ActiveEdge has a number of advantages, including its ability to enable machine operators to meet critical tolerances without removing the tool from the machining envelope and stopping the manufacturing process. As a result, machine uptime, productivity and operator safety are improved and scrap is reduced due to the system’s highly accurate cutting.

Alan Mucklow, Managing Director UK and Ireland Sales and Service Division at Yamazaki Mazak, commented: “We recently showcased the ActiveEdge technology at our ‘Manufacturing Solutions NOW’ Open House in our European Technology Centre and got a fantastic response from customers working in boring bar applications.

“The VCN-530C is a high productivity vertical machining centre that is specified by machine users who want ultra-fast cycle times with no compromise on accuracy.

“Boring bar work has often slowed cycle times due to the need for extremely high tolerances and manual adjustment by the operator. The option to specify the ActiveEdge technology with the VCN-530C offers Mazak users working in boring bar applications the ability to maintain cycle times whilst improving the accuracy of the cut, due to the simple and precise wireless adjustment of the cutting tool during the process. The combination of the VCN-530C plus ActiveEdge is a step-change for boring bar work.”

Mazak Europe is now working with Rigibore and other Mazak manufacturing facilities across the world to integrate ActiveEdge technology into horizontal machining centres and INTEGREX technology, and also offer a retrofit option for machines that are already in the field