Metal Forming Training Courses from Dutton Simulation

Dutton Simulation are known for the manufacturing process simulation software that they have provided to the UK industry for the past twenty years – with a large number of clients achieving significant time and cost savings as well as improved product quality through application of these methods, especially in the metals sector.

What may be less known is the range of training content that Dutton also offers – not just in support of simulation software users but to all involved in some way with the manufacture of parts in sheet metal.  The courses are based on the content developed by Dutton’s simulation partners, FTI (now part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence) and are delivered by engineers with thirty or more years’ experience in the sector.

The training provides valuable insight as to why metal behaves as it does when forming, drawing, stretching and bending processes are applied – exploring both the feasibility challenges and the cost drivers at the heart of these methods.  Alternative methods are compared and contrasted, starting from an evaluation of raw materials through to tool design choices.

Today, the approach to training is highly customised to tailor to the needs of each client but might include sessions to cover questions such as:


  • Why does this material fail when pressed – and what can I do about it?
  • Why do I suffer more springback with one material than another?
  • What are the processing options for a given product design?
  • What are the cost implications – in terms of material, process and tooling costs – when choosing a manufacturing method?
  • What does Design For Manufacture mean and how can I achieve it?
  • How can I apply computer simulation effectively and what do I do with the results?


The courses can benefit anyone involved in the design and manufacture of sheet metal components from the design team to the shop floor.  For more information and to discuss bespoke training options please contact Dutton Simulation on +44 1926 732147 or