Midas Manufacturing – Our Coronavirus Response

Midas Pattern Company Ltd, is one of many stepping up to support the NHS as it faces Coronavirus head on.  With 30 successful years in business manufacturing polyurethane RIM mouldings, typically suited to enshrouding high value products such as laboratory instrumentation and medical device equipment, Midas’ Managing Director, Alan Rance states how

‘his business was perfectly positioned to ramp up production with existing tooling already on site and years of experience,when the call came in for desperately needed equipment to tackle Covid’.

Devices such as ventilators and respirators that are helping the very sick to stay alive, mass spectrometers that develop pharmaceuticals and check the safety of food products, and laboratory instruments that are leading the way to develop the very much needed Covid-19 vaccine, all require an enclosure moulding like the one shown below to enshroud the highly complex scientific and engineering components that are contained within.


As the impact of Coronavirus started to hit the UK in mid-March and lockdown became a reality, over a dozen existing customers approached Midas, asking for supply channels to remain open. Not an easy task with up to 25% of staff off sick or self-isolating at any one-time and social distancing an essential part of daily life. A simple, straightforward decision had to be taken; ‘that we must do the right thing’ and stay open to support the NHS whilst they were bravely caring for the gravely ill victims of the virus.

With enforced social distancing measures in place and additional handwashing facilities installed, the Midas team quickly settled in to the new regime.  Order books were re-organised with priority given to Covid-19 response projects and unlimited overtime set up to avoid any restrictions in production output.  Rance mentions the importance of long-standing customer and supplier relationships as his team set about re-scheduling the production order book and communicating new lead times to non Covid -19 related customers.  At the same time increased management was required to ensure incoming raw materials supplies remained intact, thus reinforcing team work and proving strong relationships do pay dividends in the long run.

What underlines Midas’ heroic efforts is the knowledge that Alan was personally affected by the virus.  Just three days after putting actions into place, on the 26th March, Rance was struck down by the illness, suffering all symptoms and severe breathing difficulties.  Hospitalisation was considered several times but after eighteen days, symptoms started to ease and his recovery began.  Having suffered the disease himself it seems fitting that his company is part of the small army across the UK providing support and offering solutions to NHS and supporting industries. Whilst pride in his business and its employees has never been lacking, it is clear that Covid-19 has left its mark,

‘I feel prouder than ever that Midas is playing such a positive role in supporting our magnificent NHS’

After over a month away from work, the longest in his working life, Alan returned to see his business in great shape, product flying out the door, customers receiving enclosures early and everything as good as you could wish for during a pandemic crisis!

Testimony to a Great Team and a Great Business.

If you are interested in learning more about Midas and what service they offer, you can contact them on +44 01234 358394 or email