Mitsubishi Materials & MOLDINO – UK Synergy

Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool Engineering, a worldwide leading Japanese tool manufacturer of cutting tools for mould and die manufacture, rebranded under the MOLDINO Tool Engineering name in April 2020.

The new company name is the result of the change in ownership, as Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, which has held 51 percent of the shares in Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool Engineering since 2015, continued its acquisition of the remaining 49 percent held by Hitachi Metals, and MOLDINO Tool Engineering is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials. The European subsidiary HQ based in Hilden near Düsseldorf is now known as MOLDINO Tool Engineering Europe GmbH.

The presence in the UK and Ireland market is now to be greatly strengthened with sales and technical support being handled by a new division set up within Mitsubishi Materials’ UK sales company MMC Hardmetal UK (MHUK) based in Tamworth, Staffs. Alex Saboulis, General Manager states: – “ The Hitachi tool brand historically has a very strong reputation for quality and performance in the UK die and mould sector, and under the new MOLDINO brand name will realise its full potential with the high levels of technical support and commitment to customer service levels offered by the MHUK office. The project in the UK will be managed by  Adrian Barnacle, Technical Manager who states: – “It’s hugely exciting news that the MOLDINO brand will be offered within the MHUK tooling portfolio, the synergy with the existing DIAEDGE brand offers an industry unique complete tooling solution for UK and Ireland markets.”

With the name ‘MOLDINO’ (‘mold’ & ‘die’ + ‘innovation’) – the Japanese tool manufacturer documents its commitment to the mould and die industry. Mr Barnacle continues: – “MHUK will promote strongly to the customer the unique MOLDINO concept of process optimization in mould and die making known as Production50®. This manufacturing concept adapts to the fluctuation in operating conditions in demand and capacity and reduces production costs by up to 50 percent.”

The highest priority is to fulfil the trust and expectations of customers and all business partners. As part of this MHUK with the new MOLDINO brand will continue to focus on partnerships in mould and die making. The focus of the vision is Production50® – this expresses the culture and pride of the Japanese tool manufacturer.

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