Foregone Solutions Partners With Hanson Thorpe

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Hanson Thorpe, a leading UK plastic injection tool manufacturer, found they were being tasked with providing accurate analysis of the plastic flow in tools they were quoting to manufacture prior to cutting steel.

The customers wanted assurances that the tools would “fill”, “warpage would be as predicted” and discussions could be held concerning defects such as “flow weld lines”, “air gaps” and “sink marks” with confidence.

Paul Bunting the design manager at Hanson Thorpe said that their existing solution did not provide the accuracy or consistency their customers expected, so as a long term customer of ForeGone Solutions with their Cimatron mould design software, they asked Tony Grew, Managing Director of ForeGone to discuss the options and capability of Moldex3D solution for their every day needs.

Tony assured Paul that he would provide a Moldex3D Solution that would meet all their current requirements and allow them to add additional modules as needed in the future, for example MuCell.

On a recent visit Tony asked Paul what percentage of work was put through the Moldex3D simulation, Paul said 100% and our customers are very happy with the service we provide. We have a very high level of confidence in the prediction provided by Moldex3D simulation. We very often get an unusual material, but a call to support at Foregone Solutions gets us the material file or a direct comparison to use for simulation purposes.

All of the Cimatron users (Tool designers) have access to the Moldex3D software and are conversant in its use and capabilities . It is easy to learn and reports to send to the customer are first rate with little effort.

The Cimatron software creates a very robust model to go into Moldex3D and we have very few, if any,  model integrity issues when we start the analysis, we also design complex runners and water systems to be included in the analysis, we could not do this with the old system.