New Carrying Console for Handling Heavier Forming Dies

Dies can be manoeuvred quickly and safely on and off the table of power presses using a wide range of carrying consoles from Roemheld. Maximum forming die weight that can be handled has increased by more than half from 32 to 50 tonnes with the introduction by the manufacturer of a new console with electrically actuated chain drive and support feet.

It is intended for shortening set-up times when changing over batch runs in press shops where components are formed from large metal sheet, such as in the automotive supply chain. The equipment is either dedicated to one press and fixed in position, or supplied as a mobile unit on wheels to allow it to be easily transported between different presses. Special customised solutions can also be ordered, including for handling even heavier loads.

Once at the machine, the carrying console’s integrated docking system, which is equipped with a hydraulic lifting column and foot lever for easy adjustment, ensures that it is firmly attached to the press before a die is placed onto it by a forklift or crane. The integrated chain drive moves the die at up to 2 m/min to its final position in the press via integrated roller and ball bars, positioning it with millimetre precision.

The equipment is available in different versions suitable for almost any type of press. It may be factory-fitted in the case of a new installation or retrofitted to existing presses. The compact design makes it particularly suitable for use when the press bed is low or where space is limited.

By integrating sensors and stops, the console can be easily integrated into a partially or fully automated process, either via the power press control or a separate, optional control system.

A video showing the console in operation may be viewed at