New laser scanning technology for portable measuring arm systems

Today sees the launch of a new laser scanning technology from leading metrology and manufacturing solution specialist Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. Long established as the world’s leading portable measuring arm that combines integrated probing and scanning functions, the ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner (SI) now features the brand new RS4 scanner.

With completely new optics and electronics, the RS4 scans more than 60 percent faster than its predecessor, with performance particularly improved when measuring difficult object surfaces such as carbon fibre or machined steel. The RS4 has an ultra-wide laser line that is almost double the width of the previous model, as well as a lower point resolution, giving users greater point cloud detail in significantly less time than before.

“The new RS4 laser scanner has been designed to stay one step ahead of the rapid growth in laser scanning that we’ve seen over the last few years” says Anthony Vianna, Product Manager for the ROMER Absolute Arm range. “We want our customers to be able to scan more and scan faster, so we’ve looked to improve our performance on all fronts, while keeping all of the qualities that made the previous model stand out from the competition.”

As with every ROMER Absolute Arm model, scanner warm-up and time-consuming scanner calibrations remain unnecessary. The longer stand-off of the RS4 also allows users to scan more deeply into difficult to reach cavities than before, with no reduction in accuracy performance.

The RS4 laser scanner will now be fitted to every ‘SI’ model ROMER Absolute Arm, and will also be available as a retro-fit product for existing ROMER Absolute Arm SI owners looking to upgrade their scanning performance.

The ROMER Absolute Arm SI featuring the new RS4 scanner is available to order worldwide from today via local Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence sales offices and dealers. Shipping will commence immediately.