New Mould Tool Coating by Gravutex

Market leading surface texturing specialist Eschmann Textures, announce the launch of a new mould tool coating engineered to dramatically reduce typical moulding defects. Eliminate the use of release agents and shave seconds off cycle times; thus increasing product quality whilst potentially reducing manufacturing cost.

According to Martin Smith, Eschmann Textures UK based Technical Sales Engineer, there are many advantages to using Release Coat Long Life. Smith says ‘The coating can be applied to any tooling, new or old, and is effective on un-grained as well as textured surfaces. The application process can be carried out at any of Eschmann Textures eight facilities in Europe and Asia and is relatively quick to apply so down time is minimised. On the rare occasion that the coating is no longer desired, it can be easily removed with no detrimental effect to the underlying cavities’.

Release Coat is designed to be optimal when applied at approximately 10 microns thickness and as such there will be no impact on the integrity of grained surfaces. The frictional co-efficient is reduced at the surface, this improves injection and ejection profile, reducing fill times and at the same time creating a homogenous gloss surface, with far fewer surface defects such as flow lines, weld lines, tiger stripes etc. Release Coat improves release in deep draw / high shrinkage conditions (such as cup holders and stowage bins).

Martin says ‘shot to shot release agents are not that expensive, however, time is!  When  you interrupt the moulding process to apply a fluid release agent, you increase cycle time and impact on quality and consistency. By applying Release Coat Long Life to the tool surface we see significant improvements in perceived quality and productivity’


Release Coat Long Life is currently only suitable for Poly-Propylene components. For further information please contact:

Martin Smith


Gravutex Eschmann International Ltd.,
Brookfield Industrial Estate, Peakdale Rd, Glossop , SK13 6LQ.

01457 867627 – Gravutex Office