Precision subcontractor prepares for post-COVID proactivity with heavy-duty CNC machining investment

A Scottish precision engineering firm has invested in a state-of-the-art heavy-duty CNC turning centre as it looks to proactively respond to the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Stonehaven-based Kincardine Manufacturing Services (KMS), which specialises in the manufacture of complex components used across the oil and gas sector, has taken delivery of a Yamazaki Mazak SLANT TURN 550M CNC turning centre as part of its long-term, post-COVID business resilience strategy.

The SLANT TURN 550M is ideally suited to the cutting of large, long shaft workpieces up to 5,690mm in length and Ø910mm. Linear roller guides on the X- and Z-axes provide a high level of rigidity during the cutting process, while the machine tool is able to process a broad range of difficult-to-machine materials thanks to its high-power 45kW 1000 rpm main spindle.

The investment is the latest in a series of machine tools KMS has purchased from Yamazaki Mazak, including models from its QUICK TURN and INTEGREX series.

Graham Truscott, Financial Director & Founder at KMS, commented: “The COVID-19 pandemic has hit manufacturing hard, with the energy sector in particular having faced a wealth of cancelled or postponed projects. However, at KMS Engineering we are well aware of the importance of investing in our resilience in order to adapt to the manufacturing challenges of a post-COVID world. In short, we must prepare for economic recovery by being proactive.

“While many took the decision to cut costs or reduce capacity during the COVID-enforced lockdowns, we decided to increase our manufacturing capacity by investing in premium CNC machine tools. We have worked with Yamazaki Mazak for a number of years, and have enjoyed great success with our QUICK TURN and INTEGREX models. The SLANT TURN 550M will add a new dimension to our precision machining capabilities, particularly when undertaking heavy-duty cutting of difficult-to-machine materials, at high feed rates.”

Mr Truscott concludes: “The priority for us has always been our commitment to our customers, and the investment in new machinery will help us improve our machining capability. We also look forward to the SLANT TURN 550M’s positive effect on our overall capacity and response times, ensuring we are ready for the anticipated increase in production demand throughout 2021 and beyond.”