The VideoCAD Rapid high definition 2D measurement device will be at the MACH Show for the first time this April (Hall 4, stand 4392 Spectrum Metrology).  Intelligent Saphir QD software combined with the unsurpassed speed of the VideoCAD Rapid measurement station makes this instrument ideal for manufacturers of multiple and varied components such as stampings, pressed metal parts, gaskets, gears and cams.

vcad rapid with saphir software photo

Interacting directly with the components on the workstage and automatically taking dimensional measurements as soon as the user’s hand leaves the measurement area, Saphir software can measure several identical parts or several different parts instantaneously – no fixturing required.  Components can be placed on the instrument stage in any orientation – even with the underside upwards.  After initial setup, repeat measurements are carried out without even pre-loading a template – the software can recognise the shape and measure automatically – identifying a pass/fail instantaneously.

The software identifies all parts present and displays the measurements within seconds.  Even when no measurement program has previously been recorded the software can recognise the contour, create a professional CAD drawing and make the alignment to perform the measurement operation.  A DXF module allows measurements to be compared with associated drawings, including tolerance bands, Go/No Go identification and DXF data export.

Saphir QD software is a great enhancement to an already powerful measurement system: the VideoCAD Rapid, designed by German based optical specialists Dr Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik , incorporates a 4 step motorized zoom lens to allow the system to adapt to a range of minute component features and has four different fields of view for high accuracy, distortion free measurement.

A combination of transmitted and incident light ensures that all visible contours and features can be measured, even on parts composed of more than one type of material and is especially suited to profiles made of plastic, aluminium, wood, rubber and metal as well as stamped parts of any kind.

Available as a stand-alone measurement station or integrated into the production process, its robust design with no moving parts makes it ideal for shopfloor use.


Spectrum Metrology is the UK distributor for Schneider Messtechnik, a leading company in the field of industrial metrology in Germany selling a range of workshop microscopes, multi-sensor co-ordinate measuring machines and projectors.  Schneider Messtechnik is certified ISO 9001/2000. In 2001 Schneider received the Q1 award from Ford.  For further details and a demonstration please contact Spectrum Metrology on 0116 2766262, e-mail  Further details of the range are on their website .


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