Stocdon now offer Tool Setting Management and CAD CAM software integration

Stocdon introduce their Speroni programme for tool management and pre-setting solutions with software support integration in tool management as this programme is now handled by Stocdon directy .

The programme was handled via NCMT till 2015 small tool division in the recent past but NCMT opted to close the smaller end of their business to concentrate on large machine tools only and Speroni approached Stocdon as a solution partner for the complete UK & Ireland markets, which is great news.

Speroni offers a wide application range of machines from basic starter solution through to shrink incorporated and has a UK customer usage reference of Rolls Royce ( several sites ) – FMC  – Renishaw ( 2 sites ) –  Spirax Sarco ( multiple machines ) – Bromford Industries – Gardner Denver – Shield Group  + Motorsport users F1 teams UK .