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Alicona UK Ltd

“Alicona offer optical 3D surface measurement systems for quality assurance in research and production. Our core competence is the measurement of surface roughness and form locally and across large measurement areas and volumes. The cutting edge measurement and the measurement of small radii and angles are typical applications. Focus-Variation, the technology of the InfiniteFocus line, combines the traditional surface metrology and the micro coordinate measurement technology. This technology achieves traceable and repeatable results in high resolution even in a production environment, details can be seen at

The technology of Alicona allows the implementation of robotic and automated measurement in the production environment with standard and custom built solutions. Videos of these technologies can be seen at

With offices around the world this young dynamic company has enhanced the use of traceable optical metrology in many different areas and is proud to be a member of the GTMA.”

Bruker Alicona’s product range includes:

InfiniteFocus – For 3D measurement with a vertical resolution to 10nm even on steep flanks, varying reflection and very rough surfaces

Edgemaster-This instrument measures cutting tool geometry and edge radius automatically. Using these measurements tool life and feed rates can be increased and optimise quality of results.

Collaborative Robot measurement solutions-These instruments allow the measurement of small features and surface finish on large objects in a production environment.

Bruker Alicona systems are designed to serve specific customer needs in production and in the measurement room such as automatic inspection of welding spots, precision engineering, tool and mold making and general engineering.

A comprehensive customer care program ensures products and measurement solutions are fast, precise and reliable that meet or exceed expectations.

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