Tebis shares updates at METAV digital

Measurement in the process/ Integrated collision avoidance / More automation of processes with 4.1 / First clamping device library in the industry

Tebis, a specialist in CAD/CAM and MES process solutions in model, die and mold manufacturing, is participating as a digital exhibitor in this year’s METAV. The trade show will be conducted as a 3D event from March 23-26. The Tebis team will be there with its own booth in the exhibitor area – the “virtual exhibition” – and will present customised innovations for production machining and die and mould manufacturing. There will be a strong emphasis on the event’s main themes of instrumentation and quality assurance. Tebis will also present technical topics in more detail during the Web sessions.

One-on-one meetings with Tebis contacts will also be available during the parallel “matchmaking sessions.”

Tebis presentation topics at METAV include the following:

Measurement in the manufacturing process:

Measurement tasks can be fully integrated in the manufacturing process with Tebis. Integrated measurement is convenient, simple, safe and collision-checked. Users can check to ensure that the part is correctly set up and that the blank is accurately dimensioned and oriented. After machining, the part can be checked to determine if any refinishing is needed. Without integrated measurement, the part can’t be checked until after unclamping. Integrated tolerance testing can be used to determine whether the ordered part can continue to be machined or if interruption is needed. This results in a safe and highly automated process with combined milling, turning and measurement operations that prevent damage to tools and machines. This results in a shorter setup and machining time, higher component quality and fewer correction grinding operations. Users can benefit from this function even if they have controls without separate measuring cycles.

More process automation:

The newly launched complete CAD/CAM system 4.1 provides all the necessary prerequisites for safe, fast and reduced-personnel production – and automation of manufacturing processes.

Integrated collision avoidance

For greater safety, the machine head is fully accounted for in collision-checking during NC calculation. In the event of potential collisions with the machine head, the affected areas are automatically reduced or excluded from machining. The check is performed using the real head geometry, not a substitute geometry.

 Clamping device library:

Tebis has supplemented its proven virtual process libraries– where all of the real manufacturing components are represented to the last detail in the form of digital twins – with a clamping devices library. This can be used to conveniently create and manage clamping elements and clamping device groups and to set up the machine in the virtual environment. All relevant information is transferred with the NC documentation to the person responsible for setup.