Third Dimension Launch New range of Violet Laser Sensor Heads

Violet laser sensor heads use the shortest visible wavelength and enhanced software intelligence to lead the way in non-contact precision measurement.

Violet laser sensor heads extend the range of materials which can be measured by Third Dimension’s GapGun Pro and Vectro systems. Auto-makers now have a single tool for all inline gap and flush measurements, including light clusters, chrome headlights, tail lights, and all other common automotive surface finishes.

GapGun Pro and Vectro systems replace manual, contact gauges for reliable data quality and traceability.

Francois Froment, Third Dimension’s Head of Sales, reports high levels of early interest in the product: “I have taken the Violet Laser to automotive customers in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Belgium. There has been tremendous interest, with quality managers and production engineers alike seeing the potential for saving time and improving their manufacturing processes. This is definitely the most efficient solution in the market today.”

The violet laser sensor heads equip end-users including OEMs, Tier 1s and Tier 2s, with the highest measurement resolution system with unrivalled usability. Due to its highly ergonomic and lightweight design, the GapGun Pro is widely accepted by operators.

Violet laser sensor heads are a straightforward upgrade for existing GapGun Pro and Vectro customers, as they use the same VChange mechanism and do not require additional software licencing. Proven to work on all common automotive finishes, the violet sensor heads have now been tested in more than ten automotive factories across four continents.