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WNT continues to develop its extensive range of high performance cutting tools and the latest addition, the WTX FEED solid carbide metal twist drill with Dragonskin coating technology, promises precise positioning and maximum performance, even in difficult drilling situations. The key feature of the WTX Feed drills is the use of three cutting edges, which allow a significantly higher feed rate compared to conventional solid carbide drills.

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One area of application that WTX FEED drills are the perfect solution is for difficult spot drill situations, such as inclined surfaces. Here the three cutting edges and the aggressively shaped, self-centered, cross cutting edge ensure precise positioning from the first contact with the workpiece. Because of its geometry the WTX FEED drill cannot slip, even at feed rates up to two to three times those of conventional drills with two cutting edges. The three flute design ensures that only a minimum of burring occurs as the drill exits the workpiece. Furthermore, this innovative geometry reduces the cutting pressure and cutting temperature, leading to less wear and maximising process security. Tool wear is further enhanced by the use of the extremely wear resistant and smooth Dragonskin coating technology.


Further details of the novel geometry applied to WTX FEED is the point thinning detail, which is a technical innovation that makes the center of the point extremely stable, and its variable approach angle creates a smooth transition into the flute. The resulting chip channel significantly reduces the friction between the chip and the drill, and even long chipping are evacuated from the cutting area with ease as they are formed into short curled chips. The cutting edge itself has a ‘wave’ form design that generates improved cutting characteristics by giving an increased effective contact length, improved chip control is also a factor in the cutting edge design ensuring shorter chips


These advantages derived from the design of the WTX FEED drill become apparent when used under more difficult conditions, using just minimal mist coolant. In one example, the machining of an engine block made of grey cast iron, despite interrupted cutting the WTX FEED drill achieved precise positioning and cut the cycle time by 20 per cent, in addition, tool life was extended by 300 per cent compared to a comparable competitive product. In a separate application the WTX FEED drill was operating at double the previous feed rate, while maintaining the same cutting speed, and tool life doubled to 200 metres of cut length while reducing drill contact time by 45 seconds per operation.


“WTX FEED is another example of how WNT is adding to its portfolio of high-performance cutting tools. Our extensive catalogue of more than 45,000 products combined with the technical support that our sales and applications teams can provide ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible solutions for their machining applications,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK).


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