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Bedestone Ltd

Bedestone ltd specialise in CNC / Conventional Jig Grinding, Universal Grinding and Wire Erosion (EDM). They offer customers the unique opportunity to use their facilities as part of the full manufacturing process

In 2018 we installed and commissioned our most accurate httG48 CNC Jig Grinder into our facility, along with our fully rebuilt G48, these two machines sit along side our G48 1200 giving us one of the largest capacities for Jig Grinding in the UK.

We at Bedestone offer the capacity of 15 Moore / Hauser Jig grinding machineswith the capacity of up to 1200mm x 600mm table size, and we can grind Forms, Profiles and diameters ranging from 0.5mm up to 2000mm.
Our 4 CNC Moore machines also offer an ‘A’ Axis rotary table option whereby this is fully programmable to produce rotary profile work.

Bedestone also offers a Universal Grinding Facility utilising our Jones and Shipman 1307. Our 3 Charmilles Wire Eroders have the capacity to cut up to 700mm x 400mm x 510mm thick with angles of up to 45°. We
also offer a small hole burning facility on our Charmilles SH2 and our Charmilles Drill 20 both having a tube size range of 0.3mm diameter up to 3.0mm diameter.

Bedestone offers an Inspection facility supported by our Zeiss MP5 CNC micron CMM with probe changer and scanning facility and also a Video Measuring Machine 2515 for inspecting Form Work. Bedestone has years of experience and expertise in Plastic Mould Tools, container tools, perforation tools and Jigs and Fixtures.

We operate from a purpose built, fully temperature controlled facility for optimum accuracy and are accredited to BSI at approval level BS EN ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100 Rev D, Rolls Royce Nuclear Sabre GS3001 standard and DGS PS 5104, Rolls Royce Aerospace UK and Rolls Royce Deutschland approvals to RRES 90000 as well as many Aerospace / automotive approvals.

With our continued expansion within the sub-contract field of engineering we are investing in the future with our apprenticeship program, this is giving our customers the confidence to use our facility now and in years to come as part of their manufacturing process.

1 x M oore G48 CP1200 Jig Grinder
with CNC ‘A’ Table
1 x Hauser S35-600 5 Axis Jig Grinder
2 x M oore G48 Jig Grinder with CNC A Table
1 x M oore G18/8400 with CNC A Table
10 x Moore No 2 and No 3 manual Jig Grinders
9 x Spin tables
1 x Jones and Shipman 1307 universal grinder
EDM Machines – Wire:
1 x Charmilles Robofil 6030 si
1 x Charmilles Robofil 510
1 x Charmilles Robofil 330 F
1 x Charmilles SH2 small hole burner
1 x Charmilles Drill 20 CNC hole burner
Zeiss MP5 micron CMM with Scanning
Video Measuring Machine 2515

VERO Visi 2017 R1 CAD / CAM Station
using XT, IGES, STEP and DWG formats to
produce tool path data.

Accreditations: AS9100 Rev D ISO 9001:2015, Direct Aerospace, Nuclear, Automotive customer approvals, Rolls Royce Nuclear sector (submarines) to standard GS3001, SABRe and DGS PS 5104, Rolls Royce Aerospace UK and Rolls Royce Deutschland approvals to RRES 90000

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