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Bowers Metrology

Bowers understand that their customers need a variety of differing methods to ensure that compounds, substrates, components and products are fit for purpose. For this reason, their product range includes calibration tools, height gauges, material testing, vision and optical, and surface finish contour.

The Bowers Group offers organisations across the globe a range of quality metrology instruments to assist them in the creation and development of exceptional products designed to meet the exacting needs of today’s markets.

Bowers are traditionally known for the development of Bore Gauges and continue to develop the portfolio of metrology based products and services. These developments include the first digital 3 point internal micrometer in 1984 and then more recently creating a Bluetooth version enabling users to automatically collect important data.  Baty International add optical and non-contact measurement to our capabilities and increases the scope of industries we now provide metrology solutions for. However, irrespective of the industry, our in-house product experts give customer’s the confidence that they have made the right choice in making the Bowers Group their Partners in Precision. We have a diverse range of quality metrology instruments designed to work with an equally diverse range of customers.  We understand that customers may need a variety of differing methods to ensure that compounds, substrates, components and products are fit for purpose; our product range can therefore be divided into the following criteria:

  • Calibration Tools
  • Height Gauges / Hand Tools
  • Material Testing
  • Vision and Optical
  • Surface Finish Contour and Roundness

The Bowers Group not only prides itself on its range of manufactured products, but also the highly proficient personnel who continue to develop our product ranges, offer exceptional levels of service, calibration and technical support. Being able to assist a customer no matter what their metrology needs was the ethos behind creating our product ranges.  We understand that some measurements have become more complex but still need to be assessed, we have therefore created a team of experts whose remit is to find a measurement solution for the most obscure angle. This team of specialists continually find solutions for the more challenging measurements utilising the resource from key suppliers such as Trimos, Sylvac, Wyler, Innovatest Gagemaker and Accretech.

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