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GTMA’s Supplier Directory includes a number of companies that can provide Pattern making products and services for the engineering industry.

Pattern Making is a part of Casting. A pattern is, typically, a model of the object that is to be casted and used in the preparation stage of the casting process.

GTMA’s supplier directory provides a number of Pattern Making companies that can provide services and products for the Foundry, such as Patterns and Tooling. In addition, the Supplier Directory has companies offering Model Making and Pattern Making services for the initial stages of the build.

To enable the creation of repeat dimensional correct casting, the patter is made to exact construction requirements so that the pattern can be used for an extended period of time. The length of time a pattern can repeatedly be used correlates with the quality of the material used for pattern making. Once the pattern has been created it is critically important that the pattern does not change shape.

Pattern Making incorporates the trades of tool making and mould-making as well as fine woodworking. Engineers typically design the pattern, with a patternmaker required to execute the design.

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