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CyTec Systems UK Ltd

Founded in 1997, CyTec Systems have grown to be one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic cylinders in the mould and die industry. Customers can expect quality, flexibility, and continuous innovations from the company.

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Cytec Systems began trading in the UK and Ireland in 1997 and has grown into one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic cylinders to the mould and die industry. Its range of products now covers both the Cytec range and the AHP Merkle range of standard hydraulic cylinders. In 2016 we became the distributers for Ermanno Balzi products in the UK and Ireland. 

The company Ermanno Balzi S.r.l. has been manufacturing components and accessories for mould tools since 1995. It boasts of a consolidated experience in the construction of moulds for plastic materials and designs new solutions for these types of components. There aims fit well with CyTec Systems and AHP Merkle :-

  • Facilitate processes
  • Reduce manufacturing timelines and costs
  • Improve performance

The Cytec Range 

As well as locking cylinders Cytec produce a range of clamping and coupling devices which have found many applications for system automation whether in the plastic moulding industry or car production plants. Cytec also works closely with the machine tool industry with the patented range of 2 Axis Direct Drive Milling Heads (CyMill), Motor Spindles (CySpeed) and Direct Drive Rotary Tables (CyTurn).

Many cylinders are available from stock or on short lead times. Full CAD data is available for all cylinders. The range includes:

CyPull – This range of locking cylinders is designed for use with moving side cores on mould tools. Once locked the cylinders hold far higher forces than conventional cylinders, without the need to maintain hydraulic pressure. The HS version locks with preload. The HDD and HSD versions are for pressure die cast moulds.

CyBlock – Based on the successful CyPull cylinder the CyBlock is a locking cylinder with a body design the same as a conventional block cylinder. This allows easy mounting and adjusting to the mould tool.

Others in the clamping technology range:

CyTrac Units: – An automatic screw, with many uses where machine parts have to be automatically coupled. A special version has been developed for body framing in the automotive industry.

CyDock: Special coupling device that locks without pre-load.

CyFit: Fluid couplings

CyTab: Pallet clamping system

CyMill:  Patented 2 axis milling heads that use direct drive motors. They are subject to virtually no wear and ensure constant precision in the machining result. The simplified, symmetrical design gives high stability and rigidity of the system because all the elements, drives, bearings and spindles are perfectly matched. This applies both for rough machining, in which the axes can be hydraulically clamped in any position, as well as for high-speed finishing.

CySpeed: Range of motor spindles for milling and turning applications, where asynchronous motors can be combined with all common control systems.

CyTurn: Rotary tables that use direct drive motors. Cytec offers a range of tables for milling

The AHP Merkle Range    

AHP Merkle specialises in the production of hydraulic block cylinders and standard cylinders. There is a large range of different models with a variety of switching options.

They are ideal for incorporating into mould tools as well as special purpose machines. In addition, AHP Merkle’s range of block cylinders gives the tool designer the ability to modify the stroke to suit the design.

All cylinders can be supplied with switches indicating forward and retracted positions; and all piston rods are hardened ground and chromed ensuring a long life for the cylinder. 3D CAD data is available from the website. AHP Merkle stands for 100% quality, flexibility and continuous innovations. The range embraces:

Block Cylinders, Push Units, AHP Standard Cylinders, DIN Standard Cylinders, Core Pull Units, Short-Stroke Cylinders, Cube Cylinders, Flanged Cylinders, Double-Lined Cylinders, Circular Block Cylinders, Hydraulic Cylinders with external guide, Screw In Cylinders, Stamping Cylinders, Block Cylinders with non-rotating piston rod, Rotating Clamp Units, Rotary Drive Units, Block Cylinders with wedge clamping element or guide element, Tie rod cylinders.

Its website  includes a link to its This is the complete ahp-program in one book, including valuable information about how to select and order a cylinder, Tips and Tricks for cylinder assembling and application. Full CAD data for the cylinders is available from the website.

The Ermanno Balzi Range

Ermanno Balzi developed a rapid plug and unplug system for cooling circuits on mould tools. A complete range of baffles, bubbles and plugs are offered.  These plugs are quick and easy to fit and seal cooling circuits to 100 bar, significantly reducing water leaks.

Gas venting of mould cavity presents the moulder with many problems. With the Ermanno Balzi Dynamic gas venting valves together with Ecovent valves, a new approch to gas venting has been developed. These venting valves have also been fitted to Ejector Pins.

A range of products are also available for two stage ejection  and slide retainers. Look at for full product range together with videos and CAD data.

ServoMold Range

CyTec Systems UK Limited are UK distributers for the servo mold product line from i-mold. With the product line Servo mold they are the leading supplier of systems solutions for the realization of servo-electric rotary and linear movements in the injection mould tools. From single threads in technical plastics parts, linear and core puller movements to high-cavity cap moulds i-mold has the innovative servo electrical alternative for every injection mould.

For further information on all products please contact Cytec Systems UK Ltd – 

Tel: 0161 678 7090 ,

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