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Running machining centres at night and weekend should be a standard requirement for modern production machine shops. Unattended small batch, high mix, production is a standard provision with EROWA automation.

When machining a high mix of parts Erowa can help with more unattended hours.

A standard pallet based handling system is the key to achieving a substantially unattended production facility. Standard pallets can support a whole range of parts with their own individual fixture. The required mix of parts is then loaded into the handling magazine ready to run.



At this point, the Erowa cell checks that the NC program exists and the correct cutting tools are available. Prioritising the job order is the final task.

That’s it. The machining cell now carries out your production requirements unattended. Your parts are produced on time and right first time.

Keeping the spindle turning requires the machining centre be continually fed with a succession of jobs. An Erowa handling device is the pivot for such automated production.

Erowa handling units can load pallets of varying sizes – now the pallet size can be selected to suit the job, not the machine. Consequently, pallet costs are kept low and the overall floor space is kept to a minimum. This has major implications when justifying the investment.

Extending the automation to more than one machine is the next step. Or, including additional processes, such as a CMM, can remove manual intervention for a truly automated solution for precision parts.

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