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Vision Engineering Ltd is a leading-edge manufacturer of patented stereo microscopes and non-contact measuring systems.

Vision Engineering was founded in 1958 by Rob Freeman, a toolmaker who had previously worked as a race mechanic with the Jaguar Racing Team. Whilst at Jaguar, Rob developed a borescope for inspecting internal race engine parts without the need for disassembly.





Founded in 1958, Vision Engineering Ltd ( is a global leading-edge manufacturer of patented ergonomic stereo microscopes, digital inspection microscopes and non-contact measuring systems.

Vision Engineering have recently celebrated its diamond jubilee this year. The company is renowned for its award-winning 3D stereo microscopes, the Mantis and Lynx EVO, which aid productivity by allowing operators to adopt a natural viewing posture, so that they can work more comfortably for longer periods and wear their own spectacles. To download the press release regarding the celebrated longevity of Vision engineering, please click here.

The privately-held company was founded 60 years ago in Send, near Woking UK and holds several patents on its ergonomic optical and digital systems, which it supplies to organisations all over the world. It is the only manufacturer of optical microscopes in the UK and has become a world leader in the industrial use of digital and camera systems.

Our unique patented eyepiece-less microscope have saved manufacturing companies many man-hours, reduced materials wastage and ensured quality and conformance to desired specifications.

In 1994, Vision Engineering introduced the World’s first ‘eyepiece-less’ stereo microscope, the Mantis, designed to fill the gap between a bench magnifier and a microscope. It was an ergonomic revolution that went on to win numerous design and innovation awards. The Mantis became the new benchmark for high performance stereo magnification.

Since then, Vision Engineering has pursued a corporate design and innovation policy, focusing on improving operator performance when using visual inspection or non-contact measurement systems, improving quality and reducing cost and waste in the manufacturing industries, with more than 500,000 units shipped to date.

vision engineeringVision Engineering’s award-winning eyepiece-less stereo microscopes provide stunning 3D imaging and unrivalled ease of use for any manufacturing inspection or assembly task.

Our range of digital microscopes complement our 3D inspection range, providing high resolution full HD live imaging in compact, ultra-simple systems.

Completing the range, Vision Engineering’s patented optical measuring microscopes combine accuracy with simplicity, and are extensively used on the shop floor where measurement is demanded, quickly and simply. Renowned for their superior imaging, the Swift and Swift Duo family of optical and video measuring systems are the perfect upgrade from a shadowgraph.

Vision Engineering is a British manufacturing company with offices and distribution worldwide.

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