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Vision Engineering Manufacturing Services

Since the 1990’s Vision Engineering has been providing customers with access to their comprehensive range of contract design, manufacturing, assembly and commercialisation capabilities. It began when a globally recognised jewellery brand approached us to repackage our industrial microscopes into a bespoke solution for the retail environment. This retail unit was a great success and is now in its 6th generation with thousands in daily use worldwide.

Working Across All Sectors
Vision Engineering Manufacturing Services (VEMOS) has undertaken projects for customers across industry including ; an analyser to measure the cleanliness of surgical instruments; a device to effect the isolation of micro-organisms from food samples via vibration; a device to test an active protein that will help clear plastic waste from oceans; and, last but by no means least, a range of men’s grooming products.

Optical Components

Sub-Contract Capabilities.  In 2018, the company moved to new premises with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, which led to an increase in non-optical  sub-contract piece-part machining projects.  The demand for this service continues to grow, particularly with the current focus on re-shoring and the simplifying of complex supply chains.

Fast and Flexible

Most recently, the team rose to the challenge of the COVID-19 crisis, working on manufacturing and delivering essential components for continuous Positive Airway Pressure (cPAP) medical devices. Additionally, they manufactured 2500 new oxygen flow monitor assembly’s in just 10 working days

All our facilities and processes are backed by the following  accreditations :

  • ISO 9001 – UK & US Manufacturing
  • ISO 17025 – Calibration 
  • ISO 13485 – Medical Devices,  due in 2020  
  • FDA & MHRA Registered  
  • NHS Supplier Approved
  • gov Registered  
  • UK MOD Approved Supplier 
  • US DOD Approved Supplier



Included in our UK facility, our latest acquisition: a Kitamura 4-axis, 50 tool, 2 pallet horizontal machining centre for fast and accurate milling of simple to complex parts. Complex parts produced in a single operation using multiple setups with multiple datum, enabling fast, accurate and consistent 4-axis parts manufacture.

Mazak Hyper Quadrex

Designed for high volume productivity, HYPER QUADREX machine configuration directly results in part-processing versatility, and reduced cycle times among various operations – ranging from chuck work to the machining of large diameter bar stock. Advanced automation options enable unattended, continuous operation, and the addition of a bespoke parts catcher supports lights out 24/7 operation for small component manufacture.


3 axis vmc machines

  • Bridgeport vmc 600 Fanuc control with Renishaw probe, 10000 rpm. Machine window size = X: 600, Y: 410, Z: 520 mm
  • Cincinnati Sabre 750 Fanuc control, 8000 rpm. Machine window size = X: 762, Y: 510, Z: 560 mm

4 axis vmc machines

  • 2 x Bridgeport vmc 1000 Fanuc control with Niken index with Renishaw probe, 10000 rpm. Machine window size = X: 1020, Y: 610, Z: 610, B: 400 DIA
  • Bridgeport vmc 800 Fanuc control with Niken index, 10000 rpm. Machine window size = X: 800, Y: 510, Z: 500, B: 360 DIA
  • Bridgeport vmc 600 Fanuc control with Niken index with Renishaw probe, 10000rpm. Machine window size = X: 600, Y: 410, Z: 520, B: 360 DIA

4 axis horizontal machines

  • 2 x Kitumarra h-400 twin pallet Fanuc control with Renishaw probe, 150000 rpm, high speed machining. MACHINE WINDOW SIZE = X: 610, Y: 610, Z: 610 mm B: 630 DIA

5 axis vmc machines

  • Fanuc robodrill Alpha 14t with Niken 5AX-120, 15000 rpm. machine window size = X: 500, Y: 370, Z: 300, B: 250 DIA


Turret milling machines

  • 2x XYZ PRO 3000 with proto track control. 4200 rpm. Machine window size: X600, Y305, Z406
  • 1x kKMX2 3000 SLV turret milling machine. 4200 rpm. Machine window size: X600, Y305, Z406


2 axis lathes

  • Cincinnati hawk 150 Barfeed Fanuc control. 2” max bar stock size. 3mm bar feed
  • Cincinnati hawk 150 chucker Fanuc control. Max billet size: 5 ½”
  • 2 x XYZ Proturn SLX 1630 with pro track control, max billet size: 5 ½”.


Sliding head lathes

  • 2 x citizen Swiss type cnc lathe Mitsubishi control 32mm dia bar feed. Max bar size: 32MM. live tooling spindle speed: 5000 rpm. Twin spindle. turret capacity: front turret 19 / back turret 8


Mill/Turn lathe

  • Mazak hyper quadrex 150msy matrix 2 control. Max bar size: 2 5/8”. Max billet size: 5 ½”. Live tooling spindle speed: 6000 rpm. Twin spindle. Front spindle: 4 axis / Back spindle: 4 axis. Turret capacity: Front turret 12 / Back turret 11
  • Mazak hyper quadrex 150msy smooth control. Max bar size: 2 5/8”. Max billet size: 5 ½”. Live tooling spindle speed: 6000 rpm. Twin spindle. Front spindle: 4 axis / Back spindle: 4 axis. Turret capacity: Front turret 12 / Back turret 11. Additional features: front and back parts catcher for lights out running, sandvik dual direction tooling



  • Minilase™ XL offers a larger workspace and open interior for maximum flexibility in a desktop solution. A service override key and safety warning lights allow for open door Class 4 marking capability for larger components.


  • Aberlink Axiom Too, cnc cmm with ph10t probe head. Axis travel: X640, Y900, Z500. Volumetric accuracy: tp20 (2.4+0.4l/100) um. Aberlink 3D measurement software for touch probe feature inspection with cad compare software
  • Aberlink Xtreme, cnc cmm with TP20 probe system. Axis travel: X300, Y300, Z200. volumetric accuracy: tp20 (3l/250) um Aberlink 3D measurement software for touch probe feature inspection
  • Vision Engineering Hawk Elite, high precision optical measuring microscope, Measuring range up to 400mm x 300mm, Dynascope™ optical technology offers unrivalled image clarity
  • Vision Engineering TVM, accurate 2D measurement within the field of view (FOV), ideal for 2D measurement of small component parts, up to 35mm.
  • Vision Engineering Falcon CNC, programmable and compact 3-axis non-contact vision measuring machine, Measuring range 150mm x 150mm
  • Vision Engineering LVC400, automated 3-axis video and touch probe measurement system, Measuring range 400mm x 300mm x200mm


  • okamoto surface grinder
  • 3 x vibratory bowl rumblers
  • sand blaster
  • ultra sonic washing
  • techno wash spray washer
  • black fast line for steel and brass
  • Addison horizontal band saw
  • Addison vertical band saw
  • cobra 350 cnc FE circular saw



  • A full design package based on a machinists needs including wireframe, surfaces, and solids design
  • A wide range of toolpath modules, from industry-leading 2D/3D Dynamic milling strategies to multiaxis and specialized options
  • Advanced toolpath strategies turn parts with greater efficiency and precision.


  • MAZATROL Matrix CAM 2 is a sophisticated CAM software solution designed to increase productivity and efficiency whilst ensuring greater speed within the manufacturing process and accuracy of the end product. Machine programming and program analysis can be achieved offline.


  • Work with IGES or STEP CAD models to create measurement programmes away from the CMM before you’ve even got the component. Rather than taking measurement points on a component, you can now just click on the surface of the model where you would like the points to be taken.
  • The Aberlink CAD Comparison software module enhances Aberlink 3D with the capability to compare measured points to a CAD model. This may be the best way to measure complex geometries, or to inspect parts for which drawings do not exist.
  • Powerful alignment routines allow measurement points to be best-fitted to the model. Colour coded errors can then be displayed on the model to produce both graphical and tabulated reports that are extremely clear and very easy to understand.

RENISHAW Productivity+

  • Productivity+ provides a simple-to-use programming environment for incorporating measurement and inspection probe routines and in‑process decision making into machining cycles.


  • programming of kmx turret mill offline,
  • additional programming features available,
  • capable of programming direct from dxf file (create complex profiles in a fraction of the time need and only key tolerance required on drawing)




Note: Able to use any powder with a curing temperature not exceeding 250c


2 pack iso free finish

2 pack acrylic primers

Polykote primer

Stoving enamel

Etch primer Cromate and Cromate free

All 2 pack paints may be air dried or oven dried.

Stoving enamels are cured at 120c at 35 mins.

Note: All wet paints are sprayed in a temperature controlled spray booth enclosure.

Assembly Capabilities

  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electro –Mechanical Assembly
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Optical Assembly
  • 3d printing for tools/fixturing
  • Clean room capabilities
  • Calibration Room –temperature controlled
  • Service Department
  • Production Engineering Department
  • Stores/Despatch including lot/serial number control capability

Company Specific

  • UK family owned company founded 1958
  • 220 employees worldwide (115 UK)
  • 84,000 sq. foot facility in UK
  • ISO9001 and iso17025 accreditation
  • ERP system (Syteline) across the business
  • US machining, assembly and distribution Facility 30,000 sq. ft.(Connecticut)
  • Design Department (Pro Engineer software)

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