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The GTMA supplier directory contains the profiles of companies dedicated to supplying countless industries with the very best services from the manufacturing and engineering sectors. From aerospace and medical, to chemical, defence, and everything in between, the GTMA supplier directory will connect you to the company best suited to your needs.

Special Purpose Equipment

Special Purpose Equipment is a vital component of GTMA’s Supplier Directory as it provides member companies with the opportunity to utilise special purpose equipment which can be extremely expensive and therefore not usually viable for business.

GTMA’s Supplier Directory provides the link between the engineering supply chain to enable the transfer of special purpose equipment for the purposes of a project, for example.

Within GTMA’s Supplier Directory there are companies providing a vast variety of special purpose equipment such as Additive Manufacturing (Machines) which builds 3D objects by adding material layer-upon-layer.

CNC Machines are available as well as Laser Equipment and Machines, Metal Cutting and Forming Equipment, all of which individual costs are great but by utilising technology transfer can become a viable option for more businesses.

Analysis and Design Services costs involved can impact a business’s ability to manufacturer these products as the Analysis and Design stage is a critical aspect of Engineering. GTMA’s Supplier Directory helps reduce the barriers to companies’ access to Special Purpose Equipment.

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