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Press Tools – Manufacture

Press tools are abundant in the manufacturing industry as they can perform a vast array of different asks. There are a variety of tools to cut, punch, sheer, trim, form and bend materials. They are an invaluable tool for producing components at high volume and presses can be hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic.

Press tools will be specified as shaving tools, forming tools, piercing tools etc. and GTMA’s Supplier Directory is host to a wide range of press tool suppliers to suit all needs.

Press tools are bespoke and custom built to produce a component, usually out of sheet metal. They are designed to create whatever the customer requires. For example, for somebody wanting to sell metal brackets for shelving, they will turn to a press worker or press engineer. The engineer will then design a tool that will press the bracket out of sheet metal.

Sheet metal items such as roofs, fenders and caps of cars, air craft and business machinery components are all created using press tools. Along with many household appliances and precision parts in electronic equipment.

GTMA’s Supplier Directory is host to a variety of press tool manufacturers.

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