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The GTMA supplier directory contains the profiles of companies dedicated to supplying countless industries with the very best services from the manufacturing and engineering sectors. From aerospace and medical, to chemical, defence, and everything in between, the GTMA supplier directory will connect you to the company best suited to your needs.

Jigs & Fixtures

Both jigs and fixtures are used in manufacturing. If you want to produce interchangeable parts, you will need to use a jig, fixture, or both depending on the operation. Human error is vastly limited, so components can be machined quickly with high levels of accuracy, which reduces costs. Jigs are a type of fixture that guides and supports a tool, whereas a fixture is used to secure a workpiece to be worked on.

GTMA’s supplier directory provides companies that provide these services to businesses. GTMA’s Jigs and Fixtures section of their Supplier Directory has numerous variations of Jigs and Fixtures for a wealth of uses and opportunities within the CNC Machining process. As well as offering specific Jigs and Fixtures services, the Supplier Directory provides companies that have combined the two areas; Jigs and Fixtures as a further method of improving the CNC Machining process for businesses.

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