CNC Precision Machining

Full Steam Ahead At Starrag For Turbine Technology Developments

Year on year, Starrag’s Turbine Technology Days never fail to impress – and the 2018 edition, the sixth in the annual series, was no exception as it showcased developments to further improve the efficiency of machining turbine blades, blisks and engine casings, including: [] A flexible manufacturing system featuring 11 Starrag NB 151 machines, for […]

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Starrag Bumotec s181 Says Goodbye To Tradition

A Starrag Bumotec s181 machining centre is enabling one producer of ‘traditional’ turned parts to not only finish-machine a multi-operation component with interconnecting holes to a burr-free state and with superb levels of roundness and surface finish, but the new machine is also allowing the company to welcome new business where effective and efficient single […]

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Planned Machine Maintenance is an investment not a cost – Starrag UK

Machine maintenance matters, of that there is no doubt, says Starrag UK’s Service Manager, Jim Bradley. “You wouldn’t expect your car to run reliably without regular servicing and the same is true for a machine tool,” he suggests. “The investment in regular maintenance, to ensure the machine is running at optimal levels, is essential and […]

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