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Aqueous processes offer efficient cleaning

Cleaning and surface preparation are critical for perfect quality of finished parts and selecting the right process has never been so important as customers seek better quality and performance for their coatings. Several parameters are involved and it is important to consider all the various options to get the best ultrasonic cleaning process. The formulation […]

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What does a post COVID world look like for the medical technology industry?

The start of the Covid pandemic caused some panic on all sides. In addition to the fear for life and loved ones, it became increasingly apparent that we were woefully unprepared. As a result, people began to pull together to cope. ‘Scrub hubs’ began springing up as anyone with a sewing machine started making scrubs and washing […]

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The Sempre Group launches guide to metrology in medical device manufacturing

To help British medical device manufacturers understand the value in integrating metrology into production, industrial metrology supplier The Sempre Group has released Metrology in Medical.

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A new medical supply chain strategy is needed

  During the COVID-19 pandemic there is a wider recognition that cheapest purchase price has generated a vulnerability in the medical supply chain. There has been geographic disruption and reduced capacity to uplift production in the UK. This is not unique to the medical sector and the solution is to re-examine the principles of dual-sourcing […]

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Breathing aids developed by UCL, UCLH and Formula One delivered to nearly 50 NHS hospitals

Breathing aids developed by engineers at UCL and Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains working with clinicians at UCLH have been delivered to 46 NHS hospitals across the country. The UCL-Ventura breathing aid, a low-flow Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device, is being deployed to treat Covid-19 patients in hospitals across the UK, including London, Belfast, Glasgow, […]

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GTMA Medical Cluster stepping-up to meet the challenge

NHS statistics quoted by The Kings Fund identify the UK medical budget for consumables and capital equipment above £100Bn annually. This figure includes a range of products including PPE monitoring equipment, beds, operating theatre supplies.  It is a budget figure not including the current huge spike in demand driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. GTMA member companies […]

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Strong links across sector

Regular sector events, often with OEMs and Tier 1s, have helped forge a strong Medical Sector network of GTMA companies with vast experience across a wide range of disciplines. The GTMA Medical Network was one of the first sector networks to be set up by GTMA and includes many companies with proven experience in the […]

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