Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace News, Late february, 2020

Published 4th March 2020

AEROSPACE  Passenger numbers are rising, and with it a realisation that growth cannot be sustained without reducing greenhouse gas and other emissions. Aviation contributes around six per cent of UK emissions and this is expected to rise to 25% by 2050, according to the Aviation Environment Federation (AEF). The same organisation says aviation is responsible […]

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Aerospace News, Late January, 2020

Published 11th February 2020

AEROSPACE Rolls-Royce has been making significant strides towards the augmentation of its electrification offering to the world via three important projects in Europe and the UK. Between seizing controlling interest in a Berlin-based electricity storage firm, pioneering a revolutionary electrical power system for the Ministry of Defence, and launching an advanced manufacturing hub for efficient […]

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Aerospace News, January 2020

Published 29th January 2020

AEROSPACE  Aircraft manufacturer Airbus delivered 863 commercial aircraft to 99 customers in 2019, outpacing its previous output record set in 2018 by 8%. In the 17th yearly production increase in a row, Airbus, which employs more than 6,000 staff at its wing making plant in Broughton, near Chester, progressed on the transition to all NEO […]

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Aerospace & Defence News, 2019

Published 11th December 2019

AEROSPACE  After the latest ESA ministerial conference, UK Space Agency confirms continued involvement and five-year spending plan The UK is to continue its active role as part of ESA, industry secretary Andrea Leadsom confirmed following the ministerial council meeting in Seville this week. As ESA is not part of the European Union’s organisations, the UK’s […]

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Aerospace News, Late October, 2019

Published 30th October 2019

AEROSPACE  A consortium of aircraft manufacturers has teamed up with Formula One to develop lightweight aircraft seating designed to help reduce CO2 emissions and secure the UK’s foothold in the £16bn aircraft interiors market. Formula One know-how combined with aerospace composites advanced manufacturing methods will be used to create a lightweight aircraft seating alternative that […]

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Aerospace News, September, 2019

Published 9th October 2019

AEROSPACE Rolls-Royce has revealed that repairs to its Trent 1000 engines are taking longer than at first expected.

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Aerospace News, Early September 2019

Published 24th September 2019

AEROSPACE RG Carter has won a contract to build Cranfield University’s new £65m Digital Aviation Research & Technology Centre (DARTeC). DEFENCE The race to design and build a new generation of Royal Navy frigates has been won by engineering firm Babcock. It has been named preferred bidder for the £1.25bn contract for five Type […]

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Aerospace News, Late August, 2019

Published 11th September 2019

AEROSPACE UK innovators are set to benefit from a £300m investment in more sustainable flight solutions for people and goods, with researchers developing electric planes and cleaner jet fuels set to receive an additional £5m boost. Those developing cleaner forms of fuel and new technological platforms such as flying urban taxis, electric passenger planes and […]

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Areospace News, August 2019

Published 14th August 2019

AEROSPACE Ryanair has reported a sharp fall in quarterly profits as it reduced fares to drive up passenger numbers. Profits fell 21% to €243m (£219m) for the three months to the end of June, as the average ticket price fell 6%. For more information on this story please follow the link below: The Sopwith […]

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Aerospace News, July 2019

Published 23rd July 2019

AEROSPACE With economic uncertainty and unresolved Brexit issues on the horizon, it’s a troubling time for the UK’s aerospace industry. Paul Everitt, chief executive of ADS, has discussed some of the key issues, and how we can choose the right path to ensure stability. “No deal Brexit is the worst possible outcome, and our position […]

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