Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace News, Early May 2019

Published 2nd May 2019

AREOSPACE   The world’s largest aircraft has taken to the sky for its initial test flight over the Mojave Desert. The first flight of the largest all-composite aircraft ever, the Stratolaunch, was completed earlier this month.   With a wingspan greater than the length of an American football pitch, the Stratolaunch aircraft took to the […]

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Aerospace News, March 2019

Published 26th March 2019

AREOSPACE Imagine boarding a flight which enables a journey from London to Sydney to take only four-and-a-half hours? One UK-based company is building an engine to power aircraft for hypersonic flight in the atmosphere. Reaction Engines has devised a unique rocket engine, named Sabre, that could allow aircraft to fly much faster than traditional jets. […]

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Aerospace News, February 2019

Published 25th February 2019

AREOSPACE Airbus announced that it is ceasing production on its A380 jumbo aircraft 12 years after production started.  The aerospace manufacturer cited a “lack of airline demand” as the reason production of the A380 would end. Dubai’s Emirates airline, the largest A380 customer, is reducing its A380 order book from 162 to 123 aircraft. Emirates […]

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Aerospace News, January 2019

Published 17th January 2019

AREOSPACE The University of Sheffield’s AMRC have collaborated with Airbus on a project to automate the delivery of tooling supplies at Airbus’ Broughton factory. Airbus has said they could develop robots that would be able to autonomously shift entire aircraft wing assemblies at its North Wales factory. The comments follow the announcement that the aircraft-manufacturing […]

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Aerospace News, December 2018

Published 19th December 2018

AEROSPACE Ilmor Engineering has applied motorsport technologies to make a diesel aerospace engine meet green clean requirements. The Northampton-based company improved the power density of a General Aviation diesel engine by applying technologies and design solutions honed in motor sport to successfully deliver an EU Clean Sky 2 (CS2) programme, funded by the Horizon 2020 […]

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Aerospace News, November 2018

Published 20th November 2018

Aerospace companies gathered earlier this month to learn and share stories of how the Sharing in Growth (SiG) programme is radically transforming the productivity of the British aerospace sector.   Greg Clarke, the BEIS Secretary and one of the conference’s keynote speakers, said SiG’s cooperation with the aerospace sector showed that ‘when industry and government […]

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Aerospace News, October 2018

Published 17th October 2018

Leading mechanical engineering specialist, MetLase, is celebrating a record-breaking year after securing a landmark contract with the world’s largest aerospace manufacturer.

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Aerospace Latest News – August 2018

Published 23rd August 2018

Rolls-Royce has revealed plans to build on its share of the Chinese market after the first Airbus A350 aircraft powered by its Derby-built Trent XWB engine landed in the country. Sichuan Airlines has ordered an Airbus 350 and will start using the aircraft later this month (August).   China is the world’s second-largest civil aviation […]

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Aerospace News, July 2018

Published 18th July 2018

Theresa May is to promise extra investment for the aerospace industry, just days after Airbus threatened to reduce its UK presence because of Brexit disruption. The prime minister will also say that her Brexit plan will secure millions of aviation jobs in Britain.

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Aerospace News, June 2018

Published 21st June 2018

The developing trade war between the US and Europe over steel and aluminium tariffs is raising concerns in the aircraft leasing industry that tit-for-tat levies could spread to the booming aviation finance industry. Peter Barrett, chief executive of the fourth biggest leasing company, SMBC was entering new territory after the EU this week confirmed it […]

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